• Fiscal Services


    To budget and maintain an accurate accounting of District financial endeavors and responsibilities that support the overall District educational mission.

    Fiscal Services is responsible for the following areas: Budget, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Student Attendance Accounting and the California Basic Education Data System (CBEDS).


    Telephone: (909) 820-7700
    Address: 182 E. Walnut Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376-3598

    Diane Romo
    Ext. 2232
    Lead Fiscal Services Agent
    Karen Bernstein
    Ext. 2236
    Sharon Faria
    Ext. 2251
    Valeria Estrella
    Ext. 2232
    Fiscal Services Assistant 
    Camille Riley
    Ext. 2234
    Fiscal Services Analyst (Non-Categoricals)
    Shelly Reed
    Ext. 2241
    Fiscal Services Analyst (Categoricals)
    Nicole Albiso
    Ext. 2237
    Fiscal Services Analyst (Position Control) 
    Juan Camarena
    Ext. 2244
    Student Attendance 



    Bob Carrillo
    Ext. 2254
    A-F Vendors/Reimbursements
    Shari Evans
    Ext. 2255
    G-L Vendors/Reimbursements
    Rose Lopez
    Ext. 2252
    M-R Vendors/Reimbursements
    Sandy Vogt
    Ext. 2253
    S-Z Vendors/Reimbursements



    Sofia Escobar
    Ext. 2247
    Certificated Contract A-F
    Cert & Class Hourly A-F
    Kourtney O'Brien
    Ext. 2243
    Certificated Contract G-M 
    Cert & Class Hourly G-M 
    Amy Scherbarth
    Ext. 2246
    Certificated Contract N-Z
    Cert & Class Hourly N-Z
    Nancy Rodriguez
    Ext. 2242
    Classified Contract  A-G
    Kathleen Reyes
    Ext. 2235
    Classified Contract  H-O
    Heather Braun
    Ext. 2233
    Classified Contract  P-Z