• Remember - this can all be run by the students!!

    1. Breakfast will be delivered to your classroom during first period. (Last 10-15 minutes) ​No special deliveries to a different location. ​You must eat in your classroom and then travel to other locations, ie Library, computer labs, etc. Don’t let students grab anything when food is delivered. (If you have 1st period prep, your food will be placed in your classroom. However, if you have time to help pick up, it would be greatly appreciated, especially during the first few weeks!
    2. Your job is the following:
      1. Secure the food upon delivery.
      2. As students walk in your 2nd period class, they are to grab one of everything, even if they don’t want it. Do not let students throw away their food. If they don’t want something, they can give it to another student. (You could have a basket in your room.) There will be no seconds.
      3. Get the count sheet from the front of the bag & record headcount of all meals distributed. Head count must match the number of meals given out. If you have 30 students and 2 are absent, your head count would be 28 and you would return 2 meals.
      4. Place count sheet back in the bag daily.
      5. If you have a student with food allergies, add another sheet to the head count with the name, ID number, and nutritional need of the student.
      6. There will be a trash liner in the cart to be used daily. You don’t need to use the big trash can if you don’t want.
      7. When 2 minute warning bell rings it is clean up time
        1. Have students throw away trash.
        2. Trash bag will be taken out to the end of the wing (whatever end is closest to your room). Trash needs to be taken out right away so you don’t have a pest problem in your room.
        3. Cart needs to be returned to Cafeteria
        4. Trash & cart people can receive community service time. AVID students always need the time. Talk to Lindsey Stevenson if you have any questions.
        5. Wipes will be provided in the cart, but MUST be returned daily to ensure they are used for breakfast only.
      8. Once again, food taken back to cafeteria must match the number of students absent or not in in your classroom that day.

      9. On Minimum Days, breakfast will be available in the quad before school.
  • Breakfast carts waiting to be picked up

    Students getting ready to deliver carts

    Students pick up carts from cafeteria

    Students delivering carts to the classroom