• College Application Information

    Are you filling out a college application?  Did you take environmental science, global health or solving water problems?  
    Please note the following:
    If you did well in the first year and second year of science, you should change the second year to physical science when completing your college application.  However, if you did not earn A, B, or C in the first year, you should list the third year for physical science.  
    If needed the third year of science can count for the "G" college prep section.
  • Counseling Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 2:27 p.m. or by appointment only
    Telephone: (909) 820-7777

    In the Rialto Unified School District, counselors are proactive and student centered. We seek to develop a shared responsibility with parents to promote a stronger partnership between the home and the school. This relationship will assist in implementing a Comprehensive Guidance Program for your child in grades 6 - 12. Counselors will endeavor to structure their daily work activities in order to adhere to and provide services, so as to meet the needs of your student.

    Counselors: Alpha Breakdown
    Kelly Edwards BARR Team I - Ivy League - Trio - Milor Zupanic
    A - Ed
    Eric Jackson BARR Team IV - NCAA
    Ef - Lop
    Suzanne Kull BARR Team III - Upward Bound (CSUSB) - EAOP
    Lor - Ros
    Nidia Soto English Learners 1 and 2
    Ru - Z
    Bridget Wood BARR Team II - AVID 10-12 - Upward Bound (UCR)
    Jeffrey Prentice PBIS
    Shon Hampton Identifiied

Guidance Lessons

    • 9th Grade Class of 2023: ppt - pdf
    • 10th Grade Class of 2022: ppt - pdf
    • 11th Grade Class of 2021: ppt - pdf
    • 12th Grade Class of 2020: ppt - pdf

High School Graduation Requirements

  • 9th & 10th grade changes are in bold
    English 40 credits 4 years
    Math 30 credits 3 years
    Social Studies 30 credits 3 years
    Science 30 credits 3 years
    Physical Education 20 credits 2 years
    Fine Arts or Foreign Language 10 credits 1 year
    Electives 60 credits  
    Total credits needed to graduate


    In order to achieve grade level status a student needs the following credits.

    Freshman Status 0 - 49 credits
    Sophomore Status 50 - 109 credits
    Junior Status 110 - 169 credits
    Senior Status 170 & Above

4-Year College "A-G"

  • A History 20 credits 2 years
    B English 40 credits 4 years
    C Mathematics (preferably 4 years) 30 credits 3 years
    D Laboratory Science-Biology & Chem/Physics 20 credits 2 years
    E Foreign Language 20 credits 2 year
    F Visual and Performing Arts 10 credits 1 year
    G College Preparatory Elective 10 credits 1 year

    Total = 150 Credits
    College Requirements - Grades of A, B, or C

Registration and class selection for 2020-21 school year

Other Information

  • Apply to College: (universal application accepted by about 1000 schools)

    Common App website

Community Service

Cal-Grant GPA Opt Out Form

  • Students who do not opt out will have their GPA submitted to the California Student Aid Commission to be considered for a Cal Grant award. If you do not want your school to report a GPA, please complete this form and return it to your high school counselor.