• Student Laptop Log in information:


    Windows 10 Devices


    • If you have a newly issued Windows 10 base Dell laptop they do not required a log in.
      • If your Laptop requires you to log in using Car1234 password you must exchange the laptop for a replacement as soon as possible





    • Chromebooks login for students are their district issue @rialtousd.org google account.

    Student Account Username

    First Name; Last Name Initial; Last 4 digits of their student ID Followed by @Rialtousd.org

    Example: JohnS3456@rialtousd.org

    Student Account Password

    First Name (Capital First Letter); Last Initial(Capital Letter); 6 digit Birthdate No Spaces

    Example: JohnS010203

  • Student Device Troubleshooting Guide


    Have you tried Restarting the Computer?

    Number one rule before any troubleshooting is to always try restarting the computer. This will normally solve 99% of your problems.

    So why does restarting work so well?

    Let’s start by looking at what happens when your computer is running:

    You open programs, then you close programs. Perhaps you install or remove software or applications. Your internet browser could be open for hours, or even days, at a time. Lots of other things stop and start as well that you never see for yourself.

    Can you visualise how much is going on in the background that you are not aware of yet? We use our computers a lot, especially over the course of several days or more.

    What you might not realise is that a lot of what you do leaves a footprint, usually in the form of background processes that you don’t really need running anymore, or programs that didn’t quite close all the way.

    All of these “leftovers” can hog your resources – particularly the memory and hard drive.

    So, when too much has gone on, that’s when problems start to appear. Yet, when you reboot you computer, every single program and process ends as the power leaves your computer during the restart process.

    Once your computer starts back up, you have a clean slate again and often a faster, better working computer, with any small issues having resolved themselves.


    Microphone Issues:

    • Check that your Microphone is not muted.
      • You can check this by looking at the "F4" Key on the keyboard. If the light on the key it turned on that means your microphone is muted and you can unmuted it by clicking on the "F4" Key , on some devices you might have to hold the "Fn" Key and press the "F4 Key"


    Volume Issues:

    • Check that your device speakers is not muted, you can toggle mute on and off by pressing the "F1" Key
    • Check that your volume is set around 50% to 100% by pressing the "F2" to decrease the level or "F3" to  increase the level

    WiFi Issues:

    • Check that your Device is not set on airplane mode
    • Check that the WiFi is turned on, on your computer. On most devices this can be toggled on and off  by pressing the “Home” key or by holding the “FN”  key and pressing the “Home” key.