About The Program

  • Mrs. Taylor, VAPA Art Teacher

      Merrilee Taylor

             Instructor, Visual Arts

  • Welcome to Visual Arts,

    where students are encouraged to channel their creativity and apply their own unique style! Art activities are provided for students on a weekly basis. Students will learn about famous artists, access a variety of art materials, learn professional art techniques, and will develop their own art style along the way! Most importantly, participation in Art can help students build lifelong skills! Please read the letter below to learn more about our Art program.

    If you have any questions about our Art program, feel free to
    reach me at: mtaylor3@rialtousd.org

    I look forward to continuing this Art journey with you!

  •  Henry Elementary VAPA School: Visual Arts 

    Take a deeper look into our student-centered Art program by reading the 5 highlights below! 

    highlight Meeting Famous Artists

    Students will study the lives of famous artists-both past and present, and will view some of the most recognized artwork in history. Students explore a variety of art styles from different eras. Students create their own masterpieces in the style of the artist that is featured for the week. 

    highlight Exploring with Art Materials

    As we study artwork, we find that many tools are used to create! From paints and pastels, to paper mache and clay, the possibilities seem endless! Students explore a variety of mediums as they create their own masterpieces. 

    highlight Practicing Professional Art Techniques

    As we study famous artists, we recognize the essential elements of “great” artwork. The “Elements of Art” are the building blocks of any great art piece, and every student is capable of using them! Students apply these elements in their own artwork to create truly spectacular masterpieces. 

    highlight Developing your Own Art Style

    Students develop their own unique styles, and are encouraged to represent themselves in their artwork. Just as each artist is different, so is each masterpiece! That’s what makes Art truly special! 

    highlight Building Lifelong Skills

    Perhaps the best quality of Art is its ability to engage the imagination. Art encourages creative thinking and decision making, and can increase cognitive ability. Art also helps improve confidence and communication skills.

Student Art Showcase