• Purpose of the Wellness Center
      To provide prevention and intervention support that  address the behavior, social-emotional learning, and academic developmental needs of Rialto Unified School District students and families. The aim is to provide resources for students to have goal-directed action in their own lives, beyond the classroom.  Creating agency for students to successfully engage in social structures, communities and institutions.


    • Supports rendered through the Wellness Centers
      Support PBIS Team and Administration in schoolwide SEL Activities (classroom presentations on coping and self-regulation skills, lunchtime SEL events, etc)
      Mindfulness Activities (breathing, yoga, circles, etc.)
      Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) process
      Restorative and Trauma Informed Practices
      Community Resources to support SEL schoolwide
      Referral to the site Crisis Response Team (CRT) and follow the “Columbia Crisis Response Tool” when appropriate
      Specific support to special populations (EL Newcomers, Foster youth, African- American youth, etc.)
      Direct Tier 2 services (NCTI: Substance abuse, Truancy and Anger Management)