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    Vision Statement

    Students and staff at Dunn Elementary will be welcomed, supported, and have their voices heard through clear, effective, communication, in order to build independent and valuable members in our community, who will be able to demonstrate problem-solving skills and show empathy.

    Be Respectful!             Be Responsible!              Be Safe!

    Below is a PBIS Parent Handbook to allow you to learn more about the Dunn Elementary PBIS Program.


    PBIS Parent Handbook - English


    PBIS Parent Handbook - Spanish



  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a team-based systematic approach to teaching behavioral expectations throughout George H. Dunn Elementary School. The team approach is what truly makes this system work. We really need every family’s support to help us be successful. Instead of using a patchwork of individual behavioral management plans, we have moved to a school-wide positive behavior system that addresses the entire school, including the classroom, as well as areas outside the classroom (such as hallways, restrooms, offices, cafeteria, playground/school grounds, etc.). It is based on a proactive model which teaches the behaviors, reinforces and recognizes students who are able to model these behaviors, and has systems in place to support students who have a difficult time or may present more challenging behaviors. This PBIS Behavior Flowchart provides more information about the behavior intervention process here at Dunn Elementary.


Using PBIS at Home

  • PBIS Flyer (English)       PBIS Flyer (Spanish)