• School staff, students, and parents help to build the capacity of our school to develop structures for teaching expected behaviors, create student behavioral and academic support systems, and apply data-based decision-making to discipline, academics, and social/emotional learning.


    BE SAFE!



    Trapp Elementary School uses PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) to monitor and support all students on campus. Staff Members continuously review and analyze the actions and behaviors of all students on campus to ensure a safe campus for all students. During the instructional day, students are reminded of school-wide expectations and classroom norms to provide the best instructional setting during the instructional day. PBIS provides restorative justice opportunities for students and decreases off-campus suspensions. If you would like to learn more about the PBIS program at Trapp Elementary School, please contact the Main Office.

  • Trapp Elementary School Incentives

    1. “PAWS”-itive Notes
      1. Chosen every Friday
      2. 4 Intermediate Students
      3. 4 Primary Students
      4. 2 Kindergarten Students
    2. Game Changers in the Cafeteria
      1. Class that receives the most tickets in the cafeteria for being Safe, Responsible, or Respectful receives 15 minutes of extra recess on Friday
    3. Top AR Readers of the Week
      1. Readers receive a free book from the librarian
    4. Millionaire Club
      1. Students who read one million words in AR receive a lunch at the end of the school year
      2. Their pictures are placed on the Millionaires Club Wall in the library
    5. Friday Morning Howl Outs
    6. Leader of the Pack
      1. One student per classroom per month
      2. Dessert with the Principal
    7. Perfect Attendance
      1. Monthly extra recess
      2. Trimester Award
    8. First-in-Math Players of the Week
    9. Honor Roll Grades 3-5 at Trimester Awards Assemblies
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