• Dr. Ayanna Ibrahim-Balogun Principal

    Dr. Ayanna Balogun

    Greetings Werner Stars!

    The 2020 school year has been one to remember! We have had many opportunities and many challenges. COVID-19 has caused us to be creative in our learning and teaching.  Teachers have been working hard learning different ways to teach our STARS and students have been exploring with the use of technology. Some of our STARS have demonstrated their smarts and skills using technology while earning A’s and B’s. Through our WERNER Not SO Late Show, we have also discovered some hidden talent of our STARS and staff members. 

    Even though this year has been challenging, our nation has proven to be united throughout the circumstances. Werner is no exception; our school community has pulled together like never before to support each other.   As a priority, our school came together to help our community and students. With the help of everyone, (teachers, parents, front office staff, custodians, and admin team) we  completed several school pick up events, distributed over 550 devices,  given away jackets, turkeys, and toys to our families. Reflecting on Werner’s proud moments this year makes me so grateful to be a STAR.

    This love for each other and our community is no accident, so  let’s use it to fuel our spirits for 2021. We are better together through challenges and let’s show the world how strong we have become. Stay safe, and remember our STAR Expectations: Stay Safe, Take Responsibility, Awesome Attitude, and be Respectful.  Throughout winter break remember to be kind to your family and friends. Don’t forget to wear your mask and wash your hands.  Finally, remember to take care of your mind, body and spirit as we Discover 2021 through Grace Unlocking OUR Celestial Potential!

     Happy New Year’s Werner Stars!