Please be advised that students are not allowed on campus prior to 7:30 a.m. Students should plan to arrive at school no earlier than 7:30 a.m.  Breakfast is served at 8:00 a.m. in the classroom, so the cafeteria is closed.  There is no supervision on campus before 7:30 a.m.  

    All students must be picked up immediately after school unless they are attending after-school tutoring, supervised sports practice, detention, or the THINK Together after-school program. If a student is not picked up on time and remains in the Main Office thirty minutes after their dismissal, the Rialto Police Department will be contacted. 


    As an AVID school, quality classroom instruction is extremely important. Thus, classroom instruction will not be interrupted for the delivery of instructional materials, lunch, or music equipment. Thus, all deliveries will be placed inside the classroom teacher’s mailbox until the end of the day or until the teacher has time to retrieve the item. Any and all lunch deliveries will remain inside the Main Office until the student’s assigned lunch break. At the start of the student’s lunch, one of the Noon Duty Aides will inform the student of their lunch delivery. Nevertheless, classroom instruction will not be interrupted by classroom deliveries or lunches. 


    When you send your student to school for the day, we want you to feel he/she is safe in our care; therefore, we need your cooperation with a few simple procedures when picking up your student(s).  When picking up your student before dismissal, you must go to the Main Office first to sign out your student.  Only individuals listed on the student’s Emergency card can pick up a student. No student will be released to anyone, not on the student’s emergency card. A picture identification card is required and the person must be at least 18 years old.


    In case of illness or any emergency that should arise, we require at least two local emergency numbers for your student.  In case there is no phone in the home, please leave a neighbor’s number as a message number.  In case of a serious emergency, it is imperative that we have current information.  The people listed on the card are the only people that you authorize to pick up your student.  Any changes to the Emergency Card need to be made in person by the parent.


    Please establish a procedure with your student to review all notices and reports sent home during the instructional day. All AVID students are required to clean out their backpacks and return any and all required materials the next day. Please check our school website regularly because it will contain updated school information and calendared events. It will remind you of upcoming minimum days and activities for on campus learning.


    Kindergarten students must be physically picked up by an adult.  Kindergarten students are usually picked up from their classroom doors or from the kinder playground area. To secure the safety of all students, please make contact with your student’s teacher before walking off with your students


    Please take a moment to download the REMIND app. It is compatible with any phone. We use it regularly to remind parents about upcoming events, minimum days, and schedule changes. It is also a great way to communicate during an emergency situation. Please join Preston with either: @prestones. If you have any questions, please call the school office.


    The office telephones are for business use only.  In the event of an emergency, a staff member within the Main Office will make contact with the parents or guardians of the student. Thus, please make sure your phone numbers and emergency numbers are current at all times. Often, students become alarmed when their parents are late picking them up after school.  All students should know at least one parent/guardian’s phone number.


    Pedestrian Safety Includes:

    • Crossing at the crosswalk with the crossing guard if available

    • Crossing where there are intersections with stop signs or lights

    • Students never cross in the middle of the street or walk on private property.

    Early Release of Students

    If you need to pick up your child before the end of the school day, please go to the school office to sign your child out of schoolIf your child returns to school the same day, please return to the office to sign them back into school.  

    Students will ONLY be released to adults authorized to pick up the student as indicated on the student’s emergency card.  Authorized adults MUST SHOW A PHOTO ID to office personnel when picking up a student before the end of the school day.  Students will not be released to anyone who is not on the emergency card unless the office receives prior written parent consent.  

    Emergency Cards

    A current emergency card will be kept on each student enrolled at the school.  The information on the card will only be used by the school or emergency personnel and will not be released to the public. PLEASE KEEP THE SCHOOL INFORMED OF ANY CHANGES ON THE EMERGENCY CARD. Students will ONLY be released to adults with proper identification whose names are on the child’s emergency card.