Parking lot Plan

    Please see the map below for drop-off and pick-up procedures. If you wish to watch your child or walk them to the gate, you will need to park your car either in a valid parking spot in the parking lot or somewhere in the neighborhood. 


    • Parents are requested to follow all driving laws.

    • Right turn ONLY during pick-up and dismissal times.

    • Outer drop-off lane. There is no extended stopping, a student exits the car, and the car drives away.

    • The inner return loop does NOT drop off students, used to find parking or exit lot

    • Please remember ALL STAFF and PARENTS are here to ensure the safety of ALL students - BE SAFE, KIND, and RESPECTFUL 

    • Please do not leave cars unattended, especially with small children or pets waiting in the vehicle.

    • Please be respectful of the school’s instructional program by not honking your horn or playing loud music, as this is a distraction to classrooms.

    • Please park in designated parking stalls. Failure to park in an assigned parking stall may result in a parking citation by the Rialto Police Department.