Our School Nurse is only at Preston for emergencies or testing purposes.  We have a Health Clerk who provides first aid for minor injuries and checks students who become ill at school.  The Health Clerk will call the School Nurse and call the parent/guardian if a serious injury has occurred.  If you cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact the persons you have listed on the Emergency Card. (Please make sure that all names and telephone numbers are accurate and up to date.  Remember to put the name and telephone number of all persons that can be contacted in case you cannot be reached.) Emergency contacts must also have current identification prior to picking up a student from the health office. If a child has a fever of over 100.4 and is symptomatic, the child will be sent home for observation. It’s recommended that the child remains home until fever free without medication for at least 3 days.


    The Rialto Unified School District does not automatically provide medical or dental insurance for a pupil injured at school or in school activities. Applications for low-cost medical and/or dental insurance are available in the Main Office. 


    State law forbids any student to have medication in his/her possession on school property. This includes any over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, allergy pills, cough syrup, etc…as well as any prescribed medications.  The school is not allowed to administer any type of medicine to a student that is not prescribed by a doctor. The form “Physician’s Recommendation for Medication”(Form S64) must be completed by the doctor and returned to the Main Office prior to the Health Clerk administering any medication to your student.  If your student needs to take medicine during school hours, the medicine must have a written doctor's prescription, be in a prescription bottle, and the parent must complete the legally required form.  You may obtain the form from the Health Clerk or from the Main Office. 

    The parents/guardians of the student assume responsibility for informing the school of any changes in the student’s health or changes in medication.  Phone requests for the administration of over-the-counter medication such as aspirin or Tylenol will not be granted.  


    Pediculosis is defined as lice or lice eggs (nits).  The symptoms of lice are itching and/or the presence of lice and nits on hair, particularly on the head and neck.

    Students with pediculosis shall be excluded from school until treatment has been accomplished. If you can not afford to purchase the required treatment, please let the school nurse/health clerk know.  Parents must bring their students to our Health Office for clearance. The District will approve only three days of absence due to pediculosis. All other days will be unexcused.  Students are randomly screened during the school year to prevent school-wide outbreaks.

    (BP 5141.33)