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  • School Site Council (SSC)

    A school that operates a categorical program funded through the consolidated application (ConApp) shall establish a schoolsite council (SSC) if such program requires a School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). The SSC shall develop the content of the SPSA. The SPSA shall be reviewed annually and updated, including proposed expenditure of funds allocated to the school through the ConApp and the local control and accountability plan (LCAP), if any, by the SSC.

  • English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

    The ELAC shall be responsible for the following tasks:

    • Advising the principal and staff in the development of a site plan for English learners and submitting the plan to the School Site Council for consideration of inclusion in the School Plan for Student Achievement.
    • Assisting in the development of the schoolwide needs assessment.
    • Ways to make parents aware of the importance of regular school attendance.
    • Each ELAC shall have the opportunity to elect at least one member to the District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC). Districts with 31 or more ELACs may use a system of proportional or regional representation.
  • Site Council and ELAC Meeting Dates
    Juntas del Concilio Escolar (SSC) y Comité de Consejo de Aprendices del Idioma Inglés (ELAC) 

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  • North-End Coalition AAPAC

    The Rialto North-End-Coalition African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC) is formed as a council within the school community, Kucera, Fitzgerald, Kordyak, and Trapp, consisting of parents, guardians, and caretakers of African American/African descent students interested in educating, empowering, and engaging the African American population in activities supporting their goals, and reach their full potential as collaborative associates of the Rialto Unified School District. 

  • District Advisory Committee (DAC)

    This committee, which is a volunteer group assigned specific, categorical input activities, includes one parent representative from each school. It is recommended that each DAC representative report at their monthly School Site Council meetings.  The DAC provides advice, assistance and advisory recommendations to the administration and the Board of Education for the continuing improvement of the general education of students participating in a  Title I program.

  • Distirct English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)

    The DELAC shall advise the school district governing board on at least the following tasks:

    1. Development of a district master plan for education programs and services for English learners. The district master plan will take into consideration the school site master plans.
    2. Conducting of a district wide needs assessment on a school-by-school basis.
    3. Establishment of district program, goals, and objectives for programs and services for English learners.
    4. Development of a plan to ensure compliance with any applicable teacher and/or teacher aide requirements.
    5. Review and comment on the school district reclassification procedures.
    6. Review and comment on the written notifications required to be sent to parents and guardians.
    7. If the DELAC acts as the English learner parent advisory committee under California Education Code Sections 52063(b)(1) and 52062(a)(2), the DELAC shall also review and comment on the development or annual update of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).*
  • Comité Asesor de Estudiantes de Inglés del Distrito (DELAC)



  • District African American Parent Advisory Council (DAAPAC)

    The Rialto DAAPAC is formed of parents, RUSD staff, and members of the community interested in educating, empowering, and engaging the African American population in activities supporting their goals, and reaching their full potential as collaborative associates of the Rialto Unified School District.

  • DAAPAC Information


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