Dr. Edward M. Fitzgerald

  • About Dr. Edward M. Fitzgerald


    Dr. Edward M. Fitzgerald was born in Minnesota in 1904, graduated as Physician/Surgeon from the University of Minnesota in 1932, and moved to Rialto to start his medical practice in 1948 after having served with the U.S. Army during World War II. He would make house calls at any time of the day or night when doctors no longer made house calls. He would often not charge when he thought a patient was to poor to pay. He was Rialto’s Mayor from 1958 to 1962, was on the City Council during 1975‐1976, and served as the first chairman of Rialto’s Water Commission. He served at different time as Chief of Staff at both the San Bernardino Community Hospital and St. Bernadine’s Hospital in San Bernardino. Dr. Fitzgerald was always available to help, or give advice, or just be a friend to anyone who needed him. Race, Religion, or community status made no difference to him. He was held in the highest esteem by all.