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Carl T. Rowan
  • The mission of the Rialto Middle School library is to instruct and assist students in the use and acquisition of 21st century skills and to create an environment which fosters the love of reading in student and support the curriculum by offering a wide variety of literature, digital and informational resources.

    The Rialto Middle School library is committed to collaboration and standards-based instruction within the context of the curriculum. We have adopted the four essential components of the California Model School Library Standards which emphasize:

    1. Student Access to Information
    2. Student Evaluation of Information
    3. Student Use of Information
    4. Students integrate information literacy skills into all areas of learning

    In addition to these components students will learn how literature is a bride to a world beyond their own. Through literature students will learn about tolerance, citizenship, and an overall appreciation for diversity and cultures. 


Phone: (909) 879-7308 ext. 22101


Degrees and Certifications:

English Literature Library Information Science

Mrs. Erica Cue

I would like to introduce myself as a dedicated and skilled librarian that has had the pleasure of bringing excitement and wonder to the school library for several years. I have worked with teachers, administrators, and students on various projects, during numerous literacy events, and have dedicated countless hours to supporting and encouraging others in my job function and on a personal level as well.

I feel my ability to connect with my students is one of the qualities that set me above my peers. I have updated many collections and made them reflective of the student population. I have added technology and taught my students about digital citizenship and literacy. I have developed collaborative relationships with my administrators and teachers. I continually strive to make the library not only a collaborative learning space, but a maker space for the students to be able to create and learn at their own pace. I feel that I have truly worked hard and will continue to work hard to make the school library the heart of the school. 

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Informational Technology Assistant (ITA)



Degrees and Certifications:

Attended Cal State Los Angeles BA in Communication Studies with a minor in Pan African Studies

Ms. Imani Goodloe