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    History is the story of us all. The study of history is critical to understanding the society we live in and our role in it. As we study history, we gain knowledge and understanding of how to be a global citizen. We will focus on reading, writing, and communication skills while we learn about many different cultures. 

    A People without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots

6th Grade - Ancient Civilizations

  • In sixth grade, the study of Ancient Civilizations provides students with the foundation for historical learning. In 6th grade we focus on Early Man and the rise and fall of early civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In particular, Ancient Civilizations is taught through the prism of

    • Project-Based Learning
    • Collaborative Groups
    • Discussions
    • Hands-on Activities

7th Grade - World History

  • The Cultures and Events we focus on in 7th Grade include...

    • Geography
    • The Fall of Rome
    • They Byzantine Empire
    • The Islamic World
    • Africa in the Middle Ages
    • Dynasties of China
    • Japanese Civilization
    • Feudalism and the Middle Ages
    • The Renaissance
    • The Reformation
    • Age of Scientific Revolution and Exploration
    • Meso-America
    • Enlightenment and Revolution in Europe

8th Grade - US History

  • The Cultures and Events we focus on in 8th Grade Early American History include...

    • Geography
    • 13 Original Colonies
    • American Revolution
    • Articles of Confederation
    • The Constitution
    • Early American Presidents and Leaders
    • Lewis and Clark
    • Manifest Destiny: Gold Rush, Mexican/American War, Texas Revolution
    • Civil War
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