2. Students must login to APEX within two (2) weeks of receiving their login information. The temporary password expires at that time.
    3. Check the Announcements in APEX (top right-hand corner) every day. Watch the video at the bottom of this page to understand how to find your actual grade in the APEX class.
    4. All CSTs (end-of-unit tests) and Final tests must be taken on campus. All other work in APEX may be completed at home. Contact your teacher for details.
    5. You must follow the due dates in the class. You may finish the class as quickly as you like, but you must not go slower than the due dates. Click on your percentage in the class to see your due dates. 
    6. You can be "excused" through the CSTs so that you can keep working forward in the class--you still need to take them to finish the class! Contact your teacher. If you have written assignments to complete, see #7.
    7. You cannot move forward to the next unit until you have submitted all written work for the current unit to your teacher of record. Not all classes require written work, so make sure you know if your class does. Do NOT plagiarize assignments! If you do, you will receive a zero on the assignment and it cannot be made up. Watch the videos at the bottom to see how to submit assignments to your teacher through APEX.
    8. You do not need to complete the Study Guides unless you need a quiz unlocked for a third and final retake. They are not graded assignments. 
    9. You have two attempts to pass quizzes in APEX; if you do not pass, the system will lock you out. Contact your teacher for assistance.
      1. The only classes that do not allow any retakes are the Spanish classes.  
    10. Contact your teacher of record first for any questions regarding your class. If you cannot reach him/her, then contact Miss Collins.