The History of Milor High School

  • Dr. John H. Milor High School, established in 1980, is located in Rialto, in San Bernardino County.  The District serves students in a 55 square mile area.  Included in the boundaries are the City of Rialto, the western portion of the City of San Bernardino, a small segment of the cities of Colton and Fontana, and some unincorporated county territory.  At the time of the last accreditation, the Rialto Unified School District served a student population of 30,000. Current district enrollment is over 26,000 students housed in 19 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 3 comprehensive high schools, 1 continuation high school, and 1 alternative high school.

    Milor High School is an accredited continuation high school.  The campus is shared with Zupanic Virtual Academy and the ASPIRES program.   Each program provides a unique independent service for the students of Rialto Unified School District but often share resources to meet the needs of the broader community. Milor High School operates on a traditional school calendar schedule along with the three other comprehensive high schools. Enrollment over the past year has ranged from 200-280 students.  Approximately 800 students will enter and exit over the course of a school year.  Students apply to come to Milor High School from the comprehensive high schools for a variety of reasons. Milor’s main focus is to provide students with opportunities to earn their high school diploma.   



    The Milor Life Skills Program is also a part of the Milor High School family. This program is a community-based instructional program for special education students ages 18-22 years.  The program has classes with certificated teachers and instructional assistants that provide students with a variety of academic instructional and real-world experiences.  The students are not assessed with the CAPA and earn a Certificate of Educational Achievement upon completion.  The students in the Life Skills Program bring an added element of diversity to the school and are an integral part of the Milor student community.