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    Role of the African American Advisory Council

  • The mission of the African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC) is to provide a forum to hear the ideas of our African American/Black families, and respond to those ideas by educating and informing parents of district resources, policies, and programs. It is our goal to empower the lives of all African American/Black children and families by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for a high-quality educational experience for our children. Dollahan, Dunn, and Preston Elementary schools will be working together. The AAPAC works to develop resources that allow families to more actively support the academic instruction their children receive and engage with educators and administrators in our schools.

    To learn what the Rialto Unified School District is doing to help our students district wide, please visit their District African American Parent Advisory Council (DAAPAC) website.  Stay up to date with the ongoings of DAAPAC, special events, and links to various social media/websites.