10th Grade Social Studies

  • World History P - World History is a required college preparatory course that examines major turning points in the shaping of the modern world, from the late eighteenth century to the present.
    AP World History - AP World History is a culmination of all previous social science classes and will focus on the students' preparation for the A.P. Exam and higher-level college courses.
    *Class grade is weighted for "Weighted Overall GPA"
    AP European History - AP European History is an intensive year-long course that prepares students to take and pass the A.P. Exam in European History. It may be taken to satisfy the World History requirement. The curriculum will focus on European History from the Renaissance to the present.
    *Class grade is weighted for "Weighted Overall GPA"

11th Grade Social Studies

  • 20th Century U.S. History P - 20th Century U.S. History is a required college prep course that examines major events and issues in U.S. History. The nation's beginnings, rapid political and economic growth, social and educational reform, humanitarian and utopian movements, the "arts" and advancement in science.
    Race & Gender in U.S. History P - Race, Gender in U.S History is a yearlong course introducing students to the turning points in the growth of America into a world power. The focus in this class is on how our founding documents created the foundation for a society based on natural rights for all. This course focuses on how different racial, ethnic, and minority groups have worked to make these rights a reality as viewed from the lens of the struggle and contributions of women, African Americans, immigrants, Mexican Americans, and other minorities to become equal participants in the American experience.
    AP United States History - AP United States History is an Advanced Placement United States History is a college preparatory elective 10-unit social science course for eleventh-grade students. At the conclusion of the course, an enrolled student is expected to take the Advanced Placement Examination
    *Class grade is weighted for "Weighted Overall GPA"

12th Grade Social Studies

  • Government/ Economics P - Government is a required 5 unit college prep course for twelfth-grade students that includes the basic principles on which the government rests, including the U.S. and California Constitutions, and the functioning of the governmental process. The required college prep course of 5 units examines the tools and methods of economic theory, its application to current economic affairs, and its role in understanding our personal lives. An Economics course is needed for high school graduation.
    AP Macroeconomics - AP Macroeconomics is a 10 unit Advanced Placement History/Social Science course for students in grade 12. This course is a rigorous integrated year-long study of the basics of economics and government. Students will also learn governmental content such as the Constitution.
    *Class grade is weighted for "Weighted Overall GPA"
    AP Government - AP Government is an advanced placement class and is also a required 10 unit college preparatory course for twelfth-grade students. It includes the principles on which the government rests, including the U.S. and California Constitutions.
    *Class grade is weighted for "Weighted Overall GPA"

  • Course Meets A-G Category "A" - History/Social Science


    Course Meets A-G Category "G" - College Preparatory Elective