Understanding Tier 1-3 Support System

  • TIER 1: 

    Generalized Support 

    (80-90% of student body)

    • Schoolwide
    • All children learn basic behavior expectations in all school settings
    • Designed to reduce problem behaviors
    • Increase instructional time
    • Important for staff to stay consistent with expectations
    • Staff regularly recognizes and praises expectations
    • The use of small rewards to encourage children
  • TIER 2:

    More Targeted Support

    (5-15% of student body)

    •  Extra support for students who are demonstrating at-risk behaviors
    • Will require more adult attention and positive reinforcement
    • Students receive evidence-based interventions, support, and instruction
    • Prevents worsening of problem behavior
  • TIER3:

    Intensive Support

    (1-5% of student body)

    • Most intensive level
    • Student engages in highly disruptive, or dangerous behavior(s)
    •  Individualized supports and services for high-risk behavior
    • Identify why student is behaving the way they do
    • Change social/academic factors contributing to misbehavior 

3-Tiered Model of School-Wide Support

Tier 1-3 pyramid