What is PBIS?

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based approach used nationwide for developing positive behavior and creating a positive climate for learning. Children learn about behavioral expectations throughout the school day and are encouraged to continue the expectations at home.

    A few important principles of PBIS:

    • Every child can learn proper behavior
    • Stepping in early can prevent more serious behavior problems
    • Each child is different and schools need to provide many kinds of behavior support 
    • Following a child’s behavioral progress is important
    • Teachers/Schools must gather and use data to make decisions about behavior problems

    PBIS includes three tiers of support for students. Each tier targets a  specific group of the student body. Below is a breakdown of each tier, along with a visual to better understand the targeted groups.

PBIS at Kelley Elementary

  • The foundation of PBIS at Kelley Elementary centers around three behavior expectations, also known as the Kelley KEyS: Kindness, Effort, and Safety.  Each behavior expectation is explicitly taught for specific settings at the school. Through the use of strategies, lessons, modeling, and hands-on-activities, students are provided with a clear understanding of expected school behaviors in a variety of school settings, such as the cafeteria, hallways, office, and restrooms. School-wide matrices are located throughout the campus to assist and reinforce the expected behaviors.

Mission Statement

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