Parent Request for Assistance

  • Kelley Elementary would like to make sure that all students and parents are provided with support if needed. With the large number of students and families that are a part of the Kelley Elementary community, it can be difficult for staff to know when a student or parent may need support.

             We have provided a sample of our Parent/Student Request for Assistance form on page 22. These forms can be found in the front office. It can also be downloaded using the document below. We encourage you or your child to fill the form out and turn it in if there is ever a time when support is felt like it is needed. The Tier 2 team will review the form, make contact with whomever requested the assistance, and will take one of the following steps:

    • come up with strategies, interventions, and/or a support system for that particular situation
    • create an action plan
    • provide resources that can assist with that particular situation
    • refer student/parent to other resources that may better assist with the situation if the school is unable to provide sufficient or adequate assistance
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.