• Mr. Lang

    My name is Fletcher Lang and I am honored to serve as the lead staff member of the wellness center. My focus will be on the overall wellbeing of both students and staff as well as providing resources for our parents and community. 

    Our Jehue Middle School Tropic Center is a welcoming classroom and safe space for everyone. We offer services of individual confidence strategies and self-esteem skills with possible life challenges. Our Wellness center will always promote strong social-emotional skills, celebrate positive accomplishments and provide additional body and mind resources to all students.

    Fostering the physical and cognitive health of our students is important. Data-based studies show that social-emotional skills—such as problem-solving, self-regulation, impulse control, and empathy—help improve academics, reduce negative social behaviors like bullying, and create positive classroom climates. Our center focuses on providing support in the following areas:

    ● MTSS & PBIS Framework

    ● Restorative Justice

    ● SEL Strategies & Data-based Workshops

    ● Community Building & Components of Wellness

    ●  N.C.T.I Tier II


    Mr. Fletcher Lang

    Student Services Success Strategist

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