Jehue Middle School Clubs

  • Jehue Middle School offers a wide range of after-school clubs. Find one that interests you!

  • Anime Club

    Talk to Mrs. I. Mendoza. Meeting Mondays in G1 at 2:45-4PM



    Talk to Mrs. Dean. Meeting on Tuesdays in F17.

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    Talk to Mrs. I. Mendoza. Tuesdays in E6.



    Talk to Mr. Ed. Thursdays & Fridays in the Library at 2:45PM.



    Talk to Mrs. Dean/E.Garcia. Monday, Tuesdays & Thursdays in F17/Gym at 7:15AM


    Game Club

    Talk to Mrs. Ferrara or Ms. Carlson. Every other Tuesday in F19 at 2:45-4PM.


    Golf Club

    Talk to Mr. Petrini. Tuesdays in E3 at 2:45-3:45PM.


    Guitar Club

    Talk to Mr. O'Brien. Wednesdays & Thursdays in E8 at 7AM.


    Jehue Bible Club

    Talk to Mr. Kruizenga. Tuesdays in G6 at 2:45PM.


    Music Club

    Talk to Mrs. Prado. Thursdays (2nd and 4th) in B1.


    Pride/Diversity Club

    Talk to Mrs. Watkins. Thursdays in F13 at 2:45PM.


    Video Game Club

    Talk to Mr. Andrew or Mr. Cervantes. Tuesdays and Fridays in G1 at 2:45-4PM.

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