As a part of the online enrollment verification process parents/guardians have either authorized or declined their student’s use of the internet.  All Dollahan parents/guardians and students must complete a Rialto Unified School District Acceptable Technology Use Policy.  While at school, students are to only use technology as teachers have directed.  Students must care for their devices and protect their passwords at all times.  Disciplinary action may be taken if technology rules are not followed.


    Students may use cell phones, smart watches, pagers, or other mobile communication devices before school begins and after the regular school day ends. Devices must be turned off and not visible during the school day which includes passing periods, recesses, and lunch. 

    When a student uses a mobile communication device in an unauthorized manner, the student shall be subject to progressive consequences and a restorative process.

    • Early Intervention includes conducting restorative conversations with the student.
    • If a student does not follow the expectation of the policy after the restorative conversations, the consequence shall include confiscation of the phone by a school official in accordance with law.
      • The employee shall store the device securely until it is returned to the student or turned over to the principal or designee, as appropriate. When a device is confiscated, the student shall have it returned at the end of the period or school day.
    • A parental pick-up of the device at the end of the school day shall be required for students who have not followed the expectations of the policy on multiple occasions.
    • If a student continues to not meet expectations of the policy, the student shall have his/her cell phone privileges revoked for the remainder of the quarter/semester/trimester.
    • In cases of severe incidents, such as distribution of pornography, severe cyber bullying, or terroristic threats; the student shall be prohibited from possessing cell phones, smart watches, or pagers while on school grounds for the remainder of the current school year.

    **A student shall not be prohibited from possessing or using a mobile communication device under any of the following circumstances:

    • In the case of an emergency, or in response to a perceived threat of danger
    • When a teacher or administrator grants permission to the student to possess or use a mobile communication device, subject to any reasonable limitation imposed by that teacher or administrator
    • When a licensed physician or surgeon determines that the possession or use is necessary for the student's health and well-being
    • When the possession or use is required by the student's individualized education program (Mobile Communication Devices: Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 5131.8)
Last Modified on September 8, 2021