ALPHA Scholars
  • Carter High School's ALPHA Scholars program is an academic program designed to support those students most likely to occupy the top 5% of their graduating class.  Students must apply to be in the program and all students in the program take a predetermined full load of honors and AP classes that represent the most challenging academic options that we offer at Carter.  The ALPHA Scholars program is a cohort model, meaning the students are in the same four classes together for the majority of their high school experience, allowing them the opportunity to learn to network with each other as they learn what an academic community looks like.


    Want to know more?  Check out our FAQs! See what the Four Year Plan looks like!


    Are you an incoming freshman (Class of 2027) who wants to apply?  Go to our online application!


    Have questions?  You can contact us!

    Mrs. Nicolle Wilson - ALPHA Scholars Coordinator -

    Mr. Clark Wilson - ALPHA Scholars Counselor -

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