ALPHA Scholars

ALPHA Scholars Course Sequence

  • The ALPHA Scholars four year plan was developed with two primary focuses:

    1. The "Cohort Model".  For more info on the cohort model, see the FAQs.  Cohort classes are marked in green.  Notice that ALPHA Scholar students will have four classes together for their freshman year, four for their sophomore year, 3 for their junior year, and 1 for their senior year.

    2. The elective pathway.  It was a primary goal to have room for an elective pathway in the four-year plan over all four years of high school with the hope that students could hopefully develop a passion in a non-academic discipline.  The driving force behind this is two-fold: to help students find a healthy academic balance between core classes and elective opportunities, and to help students look more attractive on college applications and in their college application essays.  The most common elective pathways are on the grid below, but Mr. Wilson is always willing to work with a student to create a pathway that fits something he/she is interested in pursuing.