APEX classes at EHS


Classes currently Available in APEX at EHS

  • A-G courses:

    Biology (2 semesters)
    Earth Science (2 semesters)
    Embedded Science 1 (2 semesters)
    Embedded Science 2 (2 semesters)
    Embedded Science 3 (2 semesters)
    Integrated Science 1 (2 semesters)
    Integrated Science 2 (2 semesters)
    Integrated Science 3 (2 semesters)

    English 9P(2 semesters)
    English 10P (2 Semesters)
    English 11P (2 semesters)
    English 12P (2 semesters)

    Math 1CC (2 semesters)
    Math 2CC (2 semesters)
    Math 3CC (2 semesters)
    Pre Calculus (2 semesters)
    Statistics (1 semester) 

    Spanish 1P (2 semesters)
    Spanish 2P (2 Semesters)
    Spanish 3P (2 semesters) 

    World History (2 semesters)
    US History (2 semesters)
    Economics (1 semester)
    Government (1 semester)
    Psychology (1 semester)
    Sociology (1 semester)

    Business Applications (1 semester)

    Intro to Business (2 semesters)

    Art Appreciation (1 semester)

    Credit Recovery classes:

    CR Embedded Science 1 (2 semesters)
    CR Embedded Science 2 (2 semesters)
    CR Embedded Science 3 (2 semesters)
    CR Integrated Science 1 (2 semesters)
    CR Integrated Science 2 (2 semesters)
    CR Integrated Science 3 (2 semesters) Health (1 semester) 

    CR English 9 (2 semesters)
    CR English 10 (2 semesters)
    CR English 11 (2 semesters)
    CR English 12 (2 semesters)

    CR Math 1 (2 semesters)
    CR Math 2 (2 semesters)
    CR Math 3 (2 semesters)

    CR World History (2 semesters)
    CR US History (2 semesters)
    CR Economics (1 semester)
    CR Government (1 semester)

    College and Career Prep I (1 semester)
    College and Career Prep II (1 semester)

    Financial Literacy (1 semester)

    Media Literacy (1 semester)

    PE (4 semesters)




Welcome to APEX!

  • Welcome to APEX! 

    First thing that you will need to do once you find out that you have an APEX class this school year is to join the APEX REMIND. The code is:


    You can either download the REMIND app on your phone and enter the code there, or you can text the message @ehsapex24 to the number 81010 to receive texts directly to your phone. 

    Once you join the REMIND, you will receive your login info for the website and you will be able to begin your class. Everything is on the APEX website! 

    APEX is based on a quarter system. This means that you could potentially finish one year of a subject in a semester. Semester 1 would be done the first quarter and Semester 2 would be done the second quarter. APEX is designed to help students who are credit deficient finish classes faster and catch up on credits in order to graduate on time. 

    Please note that APEX has classes that are designated as A-G or CR. A-G classes will allow you to graduate and go to a 4-year college. CR classes will allow you to graduate on time only. Please note that APEX classes are NOT NCAA approved this year. Athletes should not take these classes if they are trying to go to Div 1 or Div 2 colleges. 

    Get started asap once you receive your login info. APEX classes do NOT have the same due dates as normal classes.


    APEX  Deadlines are as follows for the 2023-2024 school year: 

    Quarter 1 - September 29th

    Quarter 2 - December 8th

    Quarter 3 -  March 8th

    Quarter 4 -  May 17th 



APEX Teachers

  • Teacher ROOM Contact info Position
    Gina Felkins GYM REMIND Code: @bkee7h  PE Teacher
    Sereisa Milford S-5 REMIND Code: @apexmaths Math Teacher
    Mark Perantoni E-1 REMIND Code: @3ghke9  Social Science Teacher
    Rachel Rodriguez M-6

    (909) 820-7777 ext: 22136

    REMIND CODE: @ehsapex23

    Spanish Teacher
    Samy Rodriguez E-5 REMIND Code: @apexeng24  English Teacher
    Anna Valmores K-8 REMIND Code: @scienceapx  Science Teacher

IMPACT Academy at EHS

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