ALPHA Scholars

ALPHA Scholars Application

  • Class of 2027 - Applications are due March 31, 2023


    Before you begin the online application, make sure you have everything you need.  Once you begin the application, you will have to complete it in one sitting as you won't be able to save your progress and come back to it later.


    • You will need to know who you are using for your two adult recommenders (full names and email addresses).  These recommendations can be teachers, coaches, counselors, mentors, pastors, or any other adults who aren't related to you and can speak to your academic potential/achievements and personal qualities.


    • You will need to have your writing sample completed in a Google Doc.  Here are the prompts:

    ALPHA writing prompt


    • Do you want to make sure your application stands out?  Do you want to make sure we really hear your voice and know you?  There is an optional video interview that you can make as part of your application and you should definitely have this done before you begin the application if you plan to do this.  Here's what that part of the application  looks like:



    Ready to apply?  The online application is here.