NJROTC Calendar

Naval Science Instructors

  • LT Curtis Durham, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.)

    SgtMaj Manuel Palos, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)

USS Rialto Staff 2021 - 2022

  •                     Unit Staff

    Unit Commander: C/CDR Andrew Solis

    Executive Officer: C/LCDR Faalata Logotala

    Command Master Chief: C/MCPO Joseph Alamilla

    Drill Commander: C/Vacant

    OPS Officer: C/LT Daniel Solis

    Admin Officer: C/LTLJ Hannah Ortiz

    Administrative Chief: C/CPO Mellisa Caldera 

    Training Officer: C/ENS  Reyna Flores

    Supply Officer: C/LT Darlen Luna

    Alpha CO: C/ENS Luis Medina 

    Alpha XO: Vacant 

    Bravo CO: C/ENS  Jesse Ocegueda

    Bravo XO: Vacant 

    Community Service Officer: C/ENS Suri Camarena 

    Public Affairs Officer: C/ENS Miranda Amezquita 

    Intervention Officer: C/ENS Eduardo Castro

    Support Chief: C/CPO Aaron Williams



    Logistics Chief: C/CPO  Aliza Rincon 

    Athletics Officer: C/ENS Xavier Villalobos 

    Recruting Officer: C/ENS Arianna Amezcua 

    Marksmanship Commander: Vacant 

    Weapons Officer: C/ENS Brandon Soto

    Safety Officer: C/ENS Catherine Diaz 

    Cadet Chaplain: C/ENS  Eduardo Castro 


         Alpha Platoons

    1st Platoon Commander: C/CPO Alexis Gonzalez 

    2nd Platoon Commander: C/CPO Fathyma Esquivel 

    3rd Platoon Commander: C/ CPO Nehemias Hernandez 


         Bravo Platoons

    4th Platoon Commander: C/CPO Diana Lozano 

    5th Platoon Commander: Vacant 

    6th Platoon Commander: Vacant 

NJROTC Drill Team

  • Color Guard Commanders:

    C/CDR Andrew Solis - C/LCDR Faalata Logotala - C/CPO Lozano

    Armed Commander:

    C/ENS Suri Camarena 

    Armed Exhibition Commander:

    C/CPO Alexis Gonzalez

    Unarmed Commander:

    C/ENS Catherine Diaz

    Unarmed Exhibition Commander:

    C/PO2 Sabrina Ledezma

    Academic Commander:


    Cyber Patriot Commander:

    C/ OPEN

    Orienteering Commander:

    C/ OPEN

    PT Commander:

    C/ENS Xavier Villalobos

    Marksmanship Commander:

    C/ OPEN

Team Practice

  • Drill and Ceremonies (Mon. & Wed.): 
    3:30 - 4:30

    Zero Period: 7:39 - 8:33

    Battalion Staff Meeting: TBD 

    Staff/Platoon Commanders Meeting: TBD

    Academic Team: TBD 

    Cyber Patriot: TBD

    Marksmanship: TBD

    Seaperch (Thur.): TBD



                   POSITION               NAME
    President of the United States President Joe Biden
    Vice President of the United States Vice President Harris
    Secretary of Defense Secretary Austin 
    Secretary of the Navy Secretary Harker
    Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gilday
    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley
    Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Tauoa
    Commandant of the Marine Corps General Berger
    Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Sergeant Major Black
    Speaker of the House Speaker Pelosi
    Commander of Naval Education and Training Command Rear Admiral Gavin
    Area 11 Manager Commander Garcia (USN Retired)
    Senior Naval Science Instructor (Rialto) Lieutenant Curtis Durham (USCG Retired)
    Naval Science Instructor (Rialto) Sergeant Major Manuel Palos (USMC Retired)
    Rialto High School Principal Dr. Caroline Sweeny


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