• Mission Statement of Rialto High School

  • Mission of the Rialto Knights

    To provide a safe and supportive learning environment that encourages high expectations for success and develop lifelong learners who have the abbility to adapt to a diverse and changing world.

    Vision of the Rialto Knights

    Through the combined efforts of all stakeholders, Rialto High School provides the opportunity for each student to become a socially responsible, lifelong learner who is ready for success in a globally competitive world.

    Values of the Rialto Knights

    As a Rialto Knight, I value integrity, respect, school spirit, diversity, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration as essential to making positive contributions to my school, community, and the world.

    Student Learner Outcomes

    R: Ready for College and Career

    H: High Achieving Students

    S: Socially Responsible Citizens