• Mission Statement of Rialto High School

  • The mission of Rialto High School, the realm where noble knights lead and persevere, is to ensure that students develop skills and discover individual talents to achieve personal success and become productive members of their community through a dynamic system distinguished by:

    ~ Consistent and high expectations

    ~ A safe and supportive environment

    ~ Innovation

    ~ Integrity and Respect

    ~ Our staff is invested in student success while demonstrating integrity and compassion, being culturally responsive, and teaching students to be agents in their education.
    ~ The staff advocates for continuous learning in a professional collaborative atmosphere defined by mutual respect, trust and support.

    ~ Knights excel at their highest levels, and become active citizens of the global community.
    ~ Knights can explore and pursue their own unique talents and interests.
    ~ Knights can strive to attain literacy.
    ~ Knights demonstrate compassion and advocate for themselves and others, creating a safe environment for all.

    ~ Our community will foster relationships through effective communication that supports the holistic needs and nurtures the aspirations of our students.
    ~ Students will take an active role in their education, struggling to be risk-takers and problem-solvers, while persevering through a variety of both academic and personal challenges.
    ~ We will create equitable, culturally relevant environments that engage and challenge our students.