• Advanced Placement(AP)

    ADVANCED PLACEMENT(AP) is a high school course that offers college credit if successfully completed. These courses have an additional credit weighting (on a 5.0 scale instead of the 4.0 scale) and is accompanied by an annual exam (which, if a student passes, may earn college credit). AP is ran by the College Board, which regulates and monitors all courses, coursework, and testing.

    AP Commitment

    All students are required to read and sign the attached AP Contract to ensure that students and their families are fully aware of the commitment and dedication needed to be successful in these courses.

    AP Exams

    Click here for all AP exam information.

    Create College Board Account

    Students should only have ONE College Board account

    myAP Access Account

    Once students create their College Board account, students will use the same login to access the myAP account. This account is used to connect with their teacher's class where resources will be provided, work will be published, and feedback will be given, as well as to register for their AP exam.

    Course Syllabi

    Click here to find our teachers' AP course syllabi for courses offered at Rialto High