Computer Lab Printing

  • The printer in J2 is intended for classes to print projects, NOT for teachers to print materials: for their class, for an individual student, or for clubs. The district Print Shop is the appropriate resource for those materials.


    The J-2 computer lab has 36 iMacs directly connected to a printer. If you would like for your class to print anything, have your students create and finalize their work in a Google product while in your classroom. Once in the lab, students will log into their Google account using the Chrome browser and print - with your approval.

    Teachers will need to supply their own paper.

    To request lab time, please check the calendar below and see if the day and period(s) you are requesting are available. Once you have checked the calendar, e-mail me (Julie Gassen) with your request. You can highlight, copy, and paste the following into your email:

    • Teacher Name:
    • Room #:
    • What day:
    • Which period(s):
    • Purpose:

    Lab requests are filled as soon as possible and they are on a first come, first served basis.


    J-2 Computer Lab Hours

    The J2 computer lab is open before school at 8:00.

    It is NOT open during lunch.