EHS Clubs and Organizations 2019-2020

  • Club Purpose Advisor Co-Advisor Date Time Location
    Academic Decathlon Fundraise when necessary for competition day Kellen Quinto   Monday 1:30pm G-4
    Anime Club watch and discuss anime Mrs.Trobaugh   Tuesday, Thursday During Lunch C-7
    ART2D2 Explore/further understanding of art Terese Romagnano   Monday During Lunch J-6
    Athletic Training Club To fundraise for shirts/ and more Equipment Monique Marquez   Monday After School Athletic training room
    Avid club To organize events and fundraise money for avid class Mrs.Stevenson   Monday During Lunch D-8
    Baseball Play baseball Mr.Arratia Mr.Cortez Mon-Fri 1:30- afterschool F-4/Varsity field
    Black Student Union To acknowledge and accept our diversity Mrs. K. Bailey   Wednesday During Lunch A-3
    Choir Experience Performing , competing etc Stefavie Chamberlain   Wednesday During Lunch T-19
    Competitive Speech and Debate To compete in Speech and Debate tournament Mr.Davis   Monday During Lunch D-5
    Cruelty free club To bring awareness of animal protect and safety avoiding cruelty Ms. K. Bailey   Friday During Lunch A-3
    Dance Production To promote school spirit and unity through various dances Nancy Ibrahimi   Thursday, Friday After School L-4
    Dual Language Club Promote Bilingualism + Raise funds Althea Granados Mark Bibian Thursday During Lunch G-2
    Freshman Class fundraisers/activities for Freshman Ms.Robles   Thursday During Lunch na
    Girls Volleyball Team Play Volleyball Ms. Marquez Mrs. Henriquez Pulido Mon-Fri After School Gym
    Greater than i (+>i) Share the love of jesus to all Eisenhower students through words and action Ray Gonzalez   Wednesday During Lunch D-6
    Health Occupation Students of America Medical/Health training activities Rachelle Hitchcock   Monday na na
    IKE Infosec Club To explore computer science, IT and cybersecurity Kevin Alexander   Tuesday, Thursday During Lunch H-4
    Interact Community Service Mrs.Kelly   Wednesday During Lunch F-5
    Journalism To publish a school newspaper Jeremy Davis   Wednesday During Lunch D-5
    Junior class Coming up with activities and events for the juniors. Mr.Cortez   Thursday During 4th period E-4
    Junior class Fundraisers/activities for Junior class Mr.Cortez   Thursday During Lunch F-5
    Las Aguilas Ballet Folklorico Celebrate the mexican culture Mrs.Molo   Tuesday, Thursday 2:30pm-4:30pm cafeteria
    Law enforcement To promote careers in Law enforcement Juan Escamilla   Wednesday After School I-3
    Leadership Planning and hosting school wide events. Kristal Henriquez Pulido   Thursday During 4th period E-4
    Leadership plan school wide events and teach students about leadership Kristal Henriquez-Pulido   Thursday During Lunch Parent center
    LGBTQ+ Awareness, acceptance Kelly Matheny   Thursday During Lunch I-5
    Life skills club To raise funds to promote Life skills experiences Kim Mihalski Rosalind Carreras Friday 12:30 C-1, C-2, B-2
    Link crew Help freshmen Mrs. Henriquez-Pulido   Mon-Fri 5th period E-4
    Marching Band and Colorguard To perform Mr.Jackson   Tuesday, Thursday After School R-3
    Mecha Club Community service, Scholarship Fundraising Ofelia Fitzpatrick Juan Salgado Friday During Lunch A-4
    Newman Club Community Service Ofelia Fitzpatrick Diana Ramirez Thursday During Lunch A-4
    Pacific Islanders Club to express our love and respect for the polynesian culture through dance Samy Rodriguez   Mon-Fri After School B-5
    Pep squad Compete in competitions and cheer on our teams GinaFelkins       L-4
    Senior Class Coming up with senior events, and activities. Mrs.Mills   Thursday During 4th period E-4
    Senior Class Plan all senior events/activities Mrs.Mills Mrs.Findsen Wednesday, Thursday During Lunch C-10
    Sophomore Class fundraise and plan events for sophomore class Mr.Quintero   Thursday During Lunch E-5
    Stage Production Act, construction, lighting Vincent Ressa   Tuesday After School T-7
    Step Team Entertainment Ms.Trobaugh   Mon-Thurs After School n\a
    Teach Rialto\FCCLA To develop the leader within all future educators Liz Nilson   Tuesday 8:30-10am H-2
    Woodwork Careers Planning career learning & development paths. Provide needed support or supplies for wood working courses Mark Streeter   Friday During Lunch L-3
    Wrestling sport Juan Escamilla   Mon-Fri After School L-2