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Board Policies

  • The Rialto Unified Board Policies Manual is a continual work in progress, and the revision process is ongoing. The California School Board Association (CSBA) provides Rialto Unified with updated language that reflects policy, legislative and education code changes that keeps RUSD in alignment with local, state and federal policy. 

    All Board policies, bylaws, administrative regulations and exhibits are sent to CSBA to be posted onto an online warehouse, GAMUT, as they are revised, reviewed, adopted and approved by the Board of Education and Superintendent. The turn-around time for new or updated policies to be posted onto GAMUT is 30-60 days. 

    In an effort to keep our community of stakeholders informed, Rialto will post all approved board policies here until they have been updated online into GAMUT. 

    If you have any questions regarding RUSD Board Policies, please contact Martha Degortari, Executive Administrative Agent at (909) 820-7700, ext. 2124.


    Board Policies in GAMUT

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