• Addressing the Teacher Shortage in Southern California


    This proposal outlines the Teach Rialto program, a comprehensive initiative aimed at addressing the pressing issue of the teacher shortage in Southern California. The program offers multiple pathways for individuals interested in pursuing a career in education, including high school students in Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, existing employees through Project Impact, and a teacher residency program. By providing financial assistance and support, Teach Rialto aims to develop highly effective and culturally responsive educators to meet the diverse needs of the Rialto Unified School District (RUSD) and improve student outcomes.

    Purpose and Rationale

    The purpose of the Teach Rialto program is to develop the next generation of educators for the RUSD and address the critical teacher shortage in Southern California. According to reports from the California Department of Education, the region has experienced a significant increase in demand for teachers, while the supply of qualified teachers has decreased drastically. This shortage has led to negative consequences such as larger class sizes, reduced course offerings, and difficulties in attracting and retaining high-quality educators, ultimately affecting student achievement.

    The Teach Rialto program has been designed to provide solutions to these challenges. It aims to prepare highly effective, culturally responsive, and socially just educators who can effectively address the unique needs of teaching in Southern California's diverse communities. By offering a range of programs and financial assistance, Teach Rialto strives to attract and support individuals interested in pursuing a teaching career.


    The teacher shortage in Southern California, particularly in certain subject areas such as mathematics, science, and special education, poses significant challenges to schools and students. The demand for teachers has increased while the supply of qualified educators has decreased, resulting in various negative consequences for education. It has become crucial to address this shortage by implementing innovative programs that attract and develop aspiring educators.


    The Teach Rialto program offers a comprehensive solution to the teacher shortage in Southern California. It consists of three main components: Teach Rialto CTE, Teacher Residency, and Project Impact:

    1. Teach Rialto, CTE: This program is designed for high school students in Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. It provides opportunities for students to explore teaching as a profession, develop essential teaching skills, earn college credit while still in high school, and receive support in transferring and gaining acceptance to California State University, San Bernardino.

    2. Teacher Residency: This program is designed for existing employees who are interested in pursuing a teaching career. It offers financial support and mentoring while completing the required university coursework for a teaching credential. The residency program allows teacher candidates to learn in authentic contexts with skilled mentors, ensuring they enter the teaching profession fully prepared.

    3. Project Impact: This program focuses on significantly increasing diversity in the teaching workforce by targeting minority males in the Inland Empire region who wish to become TK-12 teachers. Project Impact provides intentional outreach, recruitment, and financial support to prepare these individuals as highly skilled, collaborative, and innovative teachers committed to educational equity and social justice.

    By implementing these programs, Teach Rialto aims to attract a diverse pool of aspiring educators, provide them with the necessary support and resources to earn teaching credentials, and ensure their successful entry into the teaching profession. This comprehensive approach will help alleviate the teacher shortage, improve student outcomes, and create a more equitable and inclusive educational environment.

    Teach Rialto program offers an innovative and comprehensive solution to the teacher shortage in Southern California. By supporting this initiative, organizations can contribute to the development of highly qualified educators, address educational disparities, and make a positive impact on student achievement and the overall community.

    To make this vision a reality, we need your help to reach our ambitious $18 million fundraising goal. Your generous donation will directly support the expansion of the Teach Rialto program, enabling us to recruit, train, and support even more passionate educators.

    With your contribution, we will:

    Expand the Teacher Residency program: By investing in Teach Rialto, you're investing in the next generation of educators. Your support will allow us to provide residency opportunities to aspiring teachers, ensuring they receive the practical experience and mentorship necessary to excel in the classroom.

    Enhance teacher diversity and cultural competency: Diversity is our strength. With your contribution, we can increase efforts to recruit aspiring educators from diverse backgrounds, ensuring our schools reflect the rich tapestry of our community. By fostering cultural competency and understanding, we empower students to thrive in an inclusive environment.

    Develop cutting-edge resources and technology: Education is evolving, and so should our approach. Your support will help us provide state-of-the-art resources, technology, and professional development opportunities to our teachers, equipping them with the tools they need to engage and inspire the next generation of learners.

    Together, we can create a brighter future for Rialto's students. Your generous donation will have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of countless children, empowering them with the education they deserve and setting them up for lifelong success.

    Join us today by making a meaningful contribution to Teach Rialto. Together, let's raise the $18 million needed to ensure the long-term sustainability of this vital program. Your support is an investment in the future of our community.

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