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  • At Rialto Unified School District, through our Strategic Plan, we believe that honest conversation leads to understanding and The Bridge Podcast allows us to have those conversations in an innovative video and audio format. The Bridge Podcast is an exciting new way for the RUSD to share our amazing student, staff, and family stories. The Bridge Podcast aims to continue informing, alerting, and promoting the wonderful things happening in our educational community. The podcast will be available on all major podcasting platforms (Spotify, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, etc.) as well as a video version on YouTube, KVCR and Rialto Network. 


2023-2024 School Year

  • Bridge Podcast: Breaking Barriers - ASL Program at Eisenhower High School

  • Bridge Podcast: Crafting Futures - The Makerspace Lab at Morgan Elementary

2022-2023 School Year

  • The Bridge Podcast - Early College Program (Part 2)

  • The Bridge Podcast - Early College Program (Part 1)

  • The Bridge Podcast: Inside a 'School to Watch': Unraveling the Success Story of Kolb Middle School

  • Bridge Podcast: Empowering Young Girls - The Impactful Journey of Curtis Elementary's Girls Club

  • Bridge Podcast: Nourishing Minds and Bodies: Innovating Nutrition Services in RUSD

  • Bridge Podcast: An Educational Journey to HBCUs: Transforming Lives, Shaping Future

  • Bridge Podcast: Excel, Lead, Inspire: A Chat with Carter High's Class of 2023 Top Achievers

  • Building Bridges to Ivy Leagues: A Carter High Scholar's Journey to Brown University

  • Bridge Podcast: A Young Author's Tale: Jada Booten and her Journey with 'Wings of Fallen Prey

  • Bridge Podcast: Celebrating Emmalee Cano's Outstanding Creativity at Kolb Middle School

  • Bridge Podcast: Lifelong Learning and Rialto Kindness: A Glance at Rialto Adult School

  • Bridge Podcast: Bridging Knowledge Gaps: The Impact of the RUSD Tutoring Program

  • Bridge Podcast: Shaping the Future: Inside Myers STEAM-powered Education through Garner Holt

  • Bridge Podcast: Myers Elementary Student Interviews RUSD Superintendent

  • Bridge Podcast: Academic Brilliance: A Deep Dive with Rialto High's Top Scholars

2021-2022 School Year

  • Episode #1 - Brianna Magaña & Dr. Manuel Burciaga

  • Episode #2 - Carter High School Speech & Debate

  • Episode #3 - DeAnthony Perry and Reading Specialist Mrs. Eva Rashid - Fitzgerald El. School

  • Episode #4 - Julian Hunter & Being an RUSD Student Board Member

  • Episode #5 - Jaslene Castillo, Mr. Vinh Ho, and Mr. Armando Urteaga - Kolb Middle School

  • Episode #6 - Ulises Juarez - Milor High School Top Scholar

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