• Adapted Physical Education

    Adapted Physical Education (APE) is for individuals with exceptional needs who require developmental or corrective instruction and who are precluded from participation in the activities of the general physical education program, modified general physical education program, or in a specially designed physical education program in a special class.  Consultative services may be provided to pupils, parents, teachers, or other school personnel for the purpose of identifying supplementary aids and services or modifications necessary for successful participation in the regular Physical Education program or specially designed physical education programs. 

    Eligibility for Services  

    A student may qualify for APE services when they

    1. Are identified as having a disability

    2. Are eligible for special education

    3. The results of assessment indicate a need according to its criteria  

    4. Accommodations and modifications have been tried in General Physical Education, Modified Physical Education, and/or Specially Designed Physical Education, but have not resulted in notable progress.

    5. The student is unable to gain Educational Benefit from the general education or Specially Designed Physical Education classes without support from the APE Program. 

  • Continuum of Physical Education Service Delivery Models  

    All four of the following recommended physical education program options should be available to all students.  The IEP team must determine which combination of services would best meet the student’s needs and will also meet the mandated number of minutes required (elementary = 200 minutes/10 days; secondary = 400 minutes/10 days) for physical education.

    Collaborative Consultation is a professional interaction process that is effectively utilized within all of these programs to help meet the needs of the student. 

  • General Education Physical Education

  • Specially Designed Physical Education

  • Adapted Physical Education

  • Collaborative Consultation

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