• Goal 1
    Pupil Outcomes: Achievement

    This is current feedback give through our LCAP process. Feedback is being gathered through our stakeholders.

    Graduation celebration

    All Rialto USD students will succeed at every grade level and graduate high school demonstrating readiness for higher education, career, and life in the 21st Century.

    Overall Feedback 

    In addition to the legally required emphasis on supplemental concentration groups, the planning team would also like to see actions that:

    • Reference African American students and Students with Disabilities
    • Include strategic interventions ideas that will address learning loss because of COVID
    • Emphasize the importance of the whole student, not just English and Math
    • Use easily understood language for the whole community, that will be used in implementation (in other words, it should be clear in the item what is actually happening at the school.  Ex:  Item shouldn’t say ITAs if there is a whole bunch of technology hardware in the item.)

    Specific Feedback 

    • Reduce & Revise the amount of Elementary Instructional Technology Assistants and/or dramatically revise their expected job duties
    • Push exploratory Career Technical Education classes to the middle schools
    • Revise the amount spent on SAT/ ACT
    • PSAT isn’t important in 8th grade
    • Remove Illuminate contract
    • Evaluate Academic Progress tools to see if there is one that has a closer correlation to the CAASPP
    • Increase & Revise the amount allocated to professional development in inclusive practices for all teachers