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    All vendors must register to do business with the District through PlanetBids.Vendors do not need to pay for a PlanetBids subscription or membership to register as a vendor or access solicitations for the Rialto Unified School District. The District will review all vendor applications in a timely manner and ensure all minimum requirements are met, including a recent copy of a W-9 Form and a complete Conflict of Interest and References form. 

    Changes and updates to vendor profiles will also be received through PlanetBids. Such changes include a change to the business name, address updates, remit to addresses, or change in W-9 information. 

    Vendors are responsible for maintaining their profile information up to date, including contact information and payment information (W-9). The District will not make changes to a vendor's profile unless the changes are made in PlanetBids by the Vendor. 

    1. This Rialto Unified School District (“RUSD”) includes copies of its terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) for vendors supplying products or services. All vendors must adhere to these T&Cs. Failure to do so may result in the termination of the vendor relationship and/or non-payment for products or services rendered.

    2. Purchase Order Requirement

    2.1. For all purchases or acquisitions of products or services, a valid Purchase Order ("PO") issued by the Rialto Unified School District is mandatory.

    2.2. The PO will detail the products or services to be supplied, the agreed prices, quantities, delivery details, and any other relevant terms.

    2.3. No verbal or written commitments outside of an official PO will be recognized or honored. Any representations or assurances made without a PO are deemed unauthorized.

    3. Vendor Responsibility

    3.1. It is the vendor's responsibility to ensure they receive a valid PO from the District before supplying any products or services.

    3.2. Any delivery of products or provision of services without a valid PO will be considered as unauthorized.

    3.3. Vendors are advised to verify the authenticity of a PO if in doubt and may contact Purchasing Services for confirmation at (909) 873-4326 ext. 2113.

    4. Non-Liability of the District

    4.1. The District shall not be responsible or liable for any products delivered or services provided without a valid PO.

    4.2. Vendors delivering products or providing services without an appropriate PO will do so at their own risk, and the District is not obligated to accept or pay for such products or services.

    4.3. Any attempt to bill the District for products or services without a valid PO may result in the vendor being barred from future business dealings with the District.

    For questions or support, please call Purchasing Services at (909) 873-4326 or send an email to  

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    Formal and informal quotes, Bids, Requests for Proposals (RFP's), and Requests for Qualifications (RFQ's), may be processed through PlanetBids. 

    Vendors are encouraged to whitelist the following e-mail address to ensure communications from PlanetBids are received;



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