Digital Literacy Curriculum

  • E-rate is a federal program designed to bring Internet connectivity and telecommunications into schools. All schools receiving E-rate discounts must comply with the Internet safety educational requirements outlined in the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Rialto USD is using the free resources provided by Common Sense Media to help our district comply with these requirements.  View the entire Curriculum Overview and Chart for more information.

    Common Sense’s free, comprehensive E-rate Toolkit at provides districts with the tools necessary to teach students about the three CIPA-required topics:

    1) appropriate online behavior,

    2) safety and privacy, and

    3) cyberbullying.

    The Toolkit contains lessons organized by grade, complete with supporting student handouts, videos, assessments, and parent tips. Common Sense suggests that districts choose one of the two implementation options.  Rialto USD is implementing Option 1 where we teach at least one lesson per grade level for elementary and high school.  Middle School is required to teach two lessons per grade level.

    The links below are organized by grade level and contain the same materials found on  Each grade level packet contains the following materials:

    Administrator Implementation Guide which outlines the specific lessons for CIPA requirement.

    The specific lesson plan for your grade level that meets the CIPA requirement.

    A teacher verification form to be signed and returned to your administrator after completing the required lesson.

    To access the specific videos that support the lesson, please visit

    If you have any questions or need assistance with preparing for the lesson to meet CIPA requirements, please contact Paulina Villalobos at