Elementary Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

  • Our Visual and Performing Arts Team visited elementary schools throughout our district to teach students about the "Elements of Art".  These are principles found throughout various works of art and include: Line, Shape, Texture, Value and Color Students then participated in leveled projects to create their own art, inspired by the artists we studied.

    Students learned about the works of:

    • Paul Klee
    • Keith Haring
    • Georgia O'Keefe

    Our students are so dramatic!  Of course, in the best sense of the word.

    This year, students learned about:

    • Stage Presence utilizing Creativity, Commitment and Concentration
    • The Use of the Mind, the Body and the Voice in acting
    • A strategy named C.R.O.W. in which students examined conflict resolution in acting by examining:
      • Character
      • Relationship
      • Objective
      • Where? (Setting)

    Mr. Bennett

    Mrs. Graham

    Ms. Harrison

    Mrs. Hibdon

    Mrs. Hodge

    Mr. Lorber

    Ms. Perez

    Ms. Pierce

    Ms. Smith

    Mrs. Smyth-Tynes (Teacher Tynes)

    Mrs. Torres