G Suite for Education


    The Rialto Unified School District believes in preparing students for their future by teaching them relevant skills for college and a career in the 21st century.  During the 2016/17 school year Rialto USD introduced “G Suite for Education”, previously known as Google Apps for Education or GAFE, into our classrooms.  While not all teachers and classrooms will be using G Suite for Education, your student will have an account created for them to use with the teachers and programs as needed.

    You can learn more about the products offered by G Suite for Education by visiting their website:


    G Suite

    What is G Suite for Education?

    G Suite for Education are free, web-based programs that support student collaboration.   Access to G Suite for Education is through the internet using a web based browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer.  Since documents created using G Suite for Education are all stored safely on Google servers, the District does not have to worry about losing data from a hard drive crash or other computer errors.  Documents can be accessed using a computer or electronic device anywhere there is Internet access either at school or at home.  Direct access to the Rialto USD domain is located at: www.google.com/a/rialtousd.org

    The following services are available to each student and hosted by Google as part of the District’s online presence in G Suite for Education:

    • Docs:  A word processing, spreadsheets, drawing, and presentation toolset is very similar to Microsoft Office.
    • Classroom:  An online platform that saves time and paper, and makes it easy for teachers create classes, distribute assignments to students, communicate, and stay organized.
    • Calendar:  An individual calendar providing the ability to organize schedules, daily activities, and assignments.
    • Mail:  Depending upon grade level, an individual email account for school use managed and monitored by the District

    G Suite for Education is equipped with a robust software program that gives the District control over applications and content, restricts access to non-approved applications or content and allows administrators to establish policies specifying who their users can communicate with via e-mail.  Each student account will be filtered to prevent transmission of profanity, hate mail, explicit language and other inappropriate content.  Each student account is monitored by District staff to ensure compliance with the Rialto USD Acceptable Use Policy.   Please review this policy with your child so they understand the expectation for safely using these learning tools.

    What does this mean for your child?

    Your student will be provided with a Google username and password so they can access the resources available through G Suite for Education.  Accesses to specific portions of the program are determined by grade level.  For example, students in grades K through 8 will not have access to sending or receiving e-mail with anyone outside of the Rialto USD domain.  Students in grades K through 5 will only have access to e-mail directly to their assigned teacher.

    Access to and use of G Suite for Education is considered a privilege provided at the discretion of the District.  The District maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of G Suite for Education when there is reason to believe that violations of law or District policies have occurred.  In such cases, the alleged violation may be referred to administration for further investigation and account suspension and/or termination.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your student accessing G Suite for Education, or want to exclude your child from participating, please contact your child’s teacher or Paulina Villalobos at (909) 879-6014 extension 2871.

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