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    numbers Domains Overview

    Overview of the domains from the California Mathematics Frameworks

    Transitional Kinder



    Go Math  Suggested Pacing Guides and Chapter Toolkits *NEW for 2022-23 School Year*

    The new suggested pacing guides for teachers were created to help teachers plan their instruction for the year. The linked chapter toolkits provide lesson modifications, suggestions for moving certain lessons,  deletion of particular lessons that do not align to grade level standards, and other resources to support instruction and student learning. 


    1st grade

    2nd grade

    3rd grade

    4th grade

    5th grade



    Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment Blocks

    Smarter Balanced 2022-23 Interim Assessments Overview

    The Interim Assessments Overview document above describes the interim assessments, including their purpose, type, and use. For each grade and subject, this document provides a list of interim assessments available for the 2021–22 school year. 

    Focused IAB Blueprints

    IAB Printprints

    Connections Playlists provide a wealth of information including (but not limited to) instructional resources and lessons, suggestions for intervention, IAB background, academic vocabulary, and sample items for this year's FIABs and IABz . Click here for directions to access the Connections Playlist on Tools for Teachers. **CAASPP login required.


     Math Routines

    Number Talks logoResources and Links

    Click HERE to go to the share folder  of resources. You may only access resources when signed in to your Rialto email account.

    Links to Number Talk resources online with extensive resources in grades K-5 and videos.

    Number Talks: Building Number Sense 

    Hall County Schools


    📂  Which One Doesn’t Belong 

    Which One Doesn’t Belong is a great way to provide students opportunities to construct viable arguments, start mathematical conversations, and work on reasoning skills.

    📂 Notice and Wonder

    Notice and Wonder provides students opportunities to make meaning of a context or image in a way that makes sense to them.

    📄  3 Read Protocol

    The Three Read Protocol is one way to do a close read of a complex math word problem or task.

    💻  Splat!

    An interactive number sense strategy that can be used at any grade level!


    SVMI SVMI/MAC Performance Tasks 

    Below are a variety of Silicon Valley Math Initiative Performance Tasks that can be used throughout instruction as formative assessments or lesson teaching. Tasks are for in-class use and are not to be sent home with students.


    1st grade

    2nd grade

    3rd grade

    4th grade

    5th grade

    More tasks are available on the SVMI website at svmimac.org. Follow link to login here

    Directions for logging into SVMI, click here.