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  • What to keep in mind for Interpreting Services

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    - Please ensure that your calendar invite reflects the COMPLETE AND CORRECT LOCATION for your meeting. If only a GOOGLE LINK is provided, it will be assumed that it will be ONLINE. 

    - If there are any changes regarding the meeting, please make sure to update the calendar invite. 

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  • How soon can I expect my document to translated?

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    The standard window is a 3 (work) day period. If the depth and complications of the document require more time, a different estimate of completion will be provided. 

    *This does not apply to IEP Translations*

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  • What To Know When Sending In A Document For Translation

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    - Do not send multiple copies of the same document. You only need to send it once.

    - Send your document in an editable format. Be cautious of including content in picture format. 

    - We always make a copy of the original file so as not to change your own work. 

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